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Why You Can’t Go Wrong with 3M Prescription Safety Glasses?

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with 3M Prescription Safety Glasses?

Why You Can’t Go Wrong with 3M Prescription Safety Glasses?

Eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. This makes them prone to various kinds of eye injuries which can occur in our daily lives. Accidents happen and they do more often in the most unexpected fashion. Thousands of people are injured every day at work due to various workplace hazards. Our eyes are exposed to UV rays when we step outside in the sun. Sustained exposure to UV rays can lead to multiple long term ailments such as macular degeneration or clouding of the lenses (cataracts). In spite of all these dangers, why don’t we take adequate measures to protect our eyes? 3Mprotective eyewear does not forego the quality factor at any cost. Hence, it is always appropriate to select a renowned brand as 3M in ensuring the longevity of your eyes. This article discusses why 3M remains the industry standard choice to provide safeguard against workplace hazards.


Protecting your sight is a necessity

Industrial workers are constantly subjected to risks of sustaining eye injuries. According to AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology), 2.5 million people get their eyes injured annually, out of which 50% of injuries take place at industrial jobs. This is an alarming figure which points to the need to wear adequate safety equipment at work. The requirement to wear sufficient & apt safety equipment is enshrined in the OHSA’s standard 1910. Laborers face perils such as toxic splashes of liquid, flying objects such as splinters, shards or bits of metal, debris, fine particles & dust among others. As the adage goes “Prevention is better than cure” holds water in this case.


One of the most convenient ways to protect your eyes is simply wearing a reliable pair of safety eyewear from a renowned brand. 3M is a noteworthy mention here. Experts agree that wearing relevant protective equipment for eyes can reduce eye injuries by 90%. 3M Prescription Safety Glasses combine the function of refractive correction with cutting edge protection for people with blurry vision.


Recommended 3M eyewear

All of 3M’s safety equipment for eyes are worthy of sitting here. A notable mention here is the 3M SecureFit glasses. It incorporates a pressure diffusion technology on the temples which allows for a comfortable fit for prolonged hours of work. The polycarbonate material used in lenses is ANSI Z787.1 Compliant. The lens also guarantees complete protection against UV Rays. The rugged, anti-scratch coating on the lens allows for a greater shelf life of lenses with high scratch resistance. Another make among 3M Prescription Safety Glasses is the 3M Solus Series. The hallmark of this eyewear is 3M’s proprietary Scotchgard lens coating. It’s essentially an anti-fogging compound for lenses which dispels away the hassle of removing eyewear repeatedly to clean lenses. By & large, 3M is the premium brand when it comes to eye safety at work. Hence, you cannot go wrong with 3M Prescription Safety Glasses when it comes to protecting your eyes.

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