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Why Do You Need High-quality Lenses for Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

Why Do You Need High-quality Lenses for Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

Why Do You Need High-quality Lenses for Your Prescription Safety Glasses?

Your eyes are absolutely the valuable parts that provide the blessing of seeing around the world clearly. But sometimes, when your vision is not 100%, you need prescription safety glasses. Any vision issue is not going to abolish your personality but the effect on your overall performance. Though, high index lenses or bifocal glasses have an ability to enhance your vision. But when your vision is deteriorated, you may have no option to switch to new specs. Here are describing top-quality lenses with affordable glasses that you can easily use them.


Type of lenses for prescription eyewear:

When it talks about a perfect pair of safety eyewear for everyone, it is essential to consider some important type of lenses. Many people emphasize for a frame that should be comfortable with aesthetic effects. But lenses put a huge impact on your vision and they add the overall look of your glasses as well. There are many materials to consider in the purchasing of lenses for your new pair of eyewear that mostly includes.

  • Although they provide excellent optical quality with low cost, glass lenses are not generally used because of heavyweight and breaking features.
  • Trivex material lenses are lightweight, excellent visualization but have a high cost.
  • Polycarbonate more lightweight and thinner, low cost and highly durable.
  • High-index material thinner than plastic, lightweight, and offer excellent visual quality.


Besides lenses option you select, there are some specific lenses treatment or coating that is applied over lenses to make them more valuable.

  • Anti-scratch coating is applied on all soft, plastic, and lightweight lenses. This coating is applied in almost all 3m safety glasses to make them impact resistance.  
  • AR-coating is recommended for all lens types and it helps to reduce reflection by improving visibility and eye contact.
  • UV treatment is almost built-in high index lenses and polycarbonate lenses against UV protection.
  • Photochromic treatment is applied almost all type of lenses material and this material has a magic feature that adjusts the lenses shade according to the amount of light.

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