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When Should You Stop Wearing Standard Prescription Glasses?

When Should You Stop Wearing Standard Prescription Glasses?

When Should You Stop Wearing Standard Prescription Glasses?

If prescription safety glasses are helping you to see better while working, driving, watching TV, or for any other activity, wear them. If you are comfortable to wear them, no reason to remove them for all the above activities. But sometimes you don’t need to wear regular prescription glasses, know the reasons why?


Remove glasses while sleeping:

Obviously, you don’t need to wear them while closing your eyes to sleep. As a friendly reminder, you should avoid wearing eyewear if you are falling asleep. So when your bedtime comes, take off them and put them in a hard case to prevent them from bending or breaking.


Wearing regular eyewear while sports:

Regular prescription eyewear doesn’t mix them with sports. Prescription sunglasses may be a better choice for some outdoor sports activity. You should use UV protection lenses as you come outside in the sun. Standard prescription glasses can be hazardous while playing sports. Because the breaking or shattering of lenses can hurt your eyes. Standard glasses can fog up or slip and you will not be able to perform well in glaring sunlight.


But protective eyewear like 3M Zt200 that is made for sports activities like basketball, skiing, biking, and running. Regular eyewear is not a good choice for swimming as well. It’s not good for you to lose your glasses in the pool. Chlorine water of pools is enough to damage your lenses. Prescription goggles will remain better for enjoying swimming.


Wearing glasses while working:

If you are facing eye hazards like metal, flying wood, or any other particles, wear safety eyeglasses are necessary. You need to wear safety glasses even if you are working at home. Standard prescription glasses don’t meet the standard of the workplace. Protective specs have impact-resistant lenses with additional coverage as well. Safety glasses prevent you from eye injury and clear vision is essential for your workplace. So always select RX safety glasses for prescription and non-prescription lenses for better performance at your worksite.

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