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What You Need To Know About Prescription Sports Eyewear?

What You Need To Know About Prescription Sports Eyewear?

What You Need To Know About Prescription Sports Eyewear?

In the United States, after every 13 minutes, a person visits in an emergency room with an eye injury. Now the question arises, can prescription sports eyewear prevent from eye injuries. If you have safety eyewear like 3M safety glasses, you will have no excuse for eye injuries. Sports field put you in a great risk of injuries, particularly when you are playing games like balls and pucks. They become dangerous with their equipment like bats, poles, and sticks.


A fast-moving object smaller than your eye socket is extremely hazarding for your eyes. Even a larger object than your eye socket can still lead to loss of eyes or eyesight. Today sports safety eyewear is coming with the mixing of style, comfort, and safety. Most of them have straps for holding safety glasses that you don’t need non-slip pads for nose bridge and temples. If you are completely aware of the risk of eyes, there is no excuse for losing precious vision.


Reason for the importance of safety glasses for participating in sports:

  • Eyes injuries’ cost $175-$200 million that is just related to sport every year. Safety prescription eyewear for sports can decrease insurance cost.
  • All eyewear for sports should meet the ANSI safety certified and just get online prescription eyewear for the replacement of street glasses.
  • Use non-prescription safety glasses for sports is the same as wearing no glasses at all. It puts your eyes at a much greater risk of injuries.
  • The maximum percentage of eye injuries are preventable simply by wearing safety glasses.
  • Injuries not only put you out from the game till recovery time but some people get second injury more severe than first.

Eye protection is not negligible, although many sportsmen don’t consider it at all. If you are eye wearer to see well, why you don’t wear protective glasses while playing.

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