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What Is Safety Eyewear Made of?

What Is Safety Eyewear Made of?

What Is Safety Eyewear Made of?

Safety eyewear follows a high standard of impact protection that must exceed specific criteria. The OSHA and ANSI, a nonprofit organization that makes the safety standards for a variety of products. OSHA accepted ANSI standards that are applied to safety glasses for eyes protection. Below here are several types of protections for which they make a specific standard.

  • Eyeglasses
  • Face shields
  • Goggles
  • Welding helmets
  • Full face respirators


Among a wide variety of styles, safety glasses must follow the ANSI certifications.

  • They should fit with appropriate protection
  • Must be comfortable for an extended time


Lens materials:

  • ANSI safety glasses are available in four different materials. Each piece of eyewear exceeds the requirement of protection for all applications. But each material has distinct features.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are not scratch resistant and lightweight. Stronger than glass or plastic, more impact resistant, and better fog resistance.
  • Glass lenses are not easily scratched, heavy, uncomfortable, prone to shattering, but has greater visibility.
  • Trivex lenses have many benefits like polycarbonate and have good optical clarity and scratch resistant.
  • Plutonite material is a purified carbonate and this material is used by Oakley with high optical clarity.


Frame material:

Prescription safety glasses frames are more durable than regular glasses. Basically, they are made by a shatter resistant materials according to applications and sometimes removable side shields are added. For instances, sports frames are made of nylon because they are flexible and lightweight.


Eyeglasses testing:

ANSI approved safety glasses experiences rigorous testing that could provide beat protection. Test under contain,

  • Basic and high-impact test for frames and lenses
  • High contacts with non-ionizing chemicals and radiation
  • Stability to corrosion and flammables


Anyway. From whatever material they are made, must aware the specifications on any protective eyewear and its level of protection before purchasing. And keep remembering one thing, all safety glasses are not made for all type of situations.

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