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Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

Top Tips for Healthy Eyes

Almost 80% of visual weakening is treatable. You can take this step by taking care of your overall health with including eyes health. All these things are the key to healthy eyes. Another step for maintaining healthy eyes is a regular eye exam once a year. May be an eye care doctor can recommend you for prescription safety glasses. Here are few tips for keeping healthy eyes, just read out them.


  • Wear sunglasses:

UV rays always play a nasty role and can cause the growth of Pterygium on the eyes in the twenties. Mostly this grows in skiers, surfers, farmers, fishermen, or even anyone who have to spend a large portion of his day time on the sun. Other diseases like cancer and cataract also develop by harmful UV rays and it can take a lot of years to develop. But as you come out in the sun without any protection, you are just adding the risk in serious disorder. You need to wear safety goggles as you come out in the bright sunlight. Sunglasses with wide hats can reduce the effect of UV rays, particularly for kids.


Good sunglasses should be with these features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wraparound with 100% UV filter
  • Anti-glare coating against the reflected light
  • In extreme bright light, must wear a hat for head protection so that light couldn’t reach in your eyes.


  • Healthy diet:

A healthy diet is essential because of many reasons but some specific nutrients and vitamins are necessary for healthy eyes. Carrots and other orange color food that promotes healthy vision. Beta-carotene is a kind of vitamin A help retina and other parts of eyes to act smoothly. This vitamin occurs in citrus, colorful vegetables, and berries. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, collard, etc. Nuts, egg, and fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines have a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. All these things help to keep eyes moist and keep safe from cataract and macular degeneration.

  • Quit smoking:

Good care of health is essential for maintaining healthy eyes. Quit smoking is the best investment that can help you for long term vision.

  • Screen wisely:

The major issue of using screen is digital eye strain. All know about eye strain that causes to damage vision permanently but it can be preventable by doing work efficiently. While in this situation, the eye becomes tired while intensive use of driving, reading, and driving. Eye strain also develops by long use of work in extremely bright light or low light. If you are included in the 70% of people who spend their time more than 6 hours on a digital screen, digital protection lenses or ANSI safety glasses are for you. They have the capability of reflecting and filter risky blue light. Eye strain can be reduced by a few things like rest your eyes after some time, focus at your screen from some specific distance. Fix your screen position correctly and simple tips can prevent you from digital eye strain.


Few myths about eye health:

  • Carrot can restore your eyesight: it is true to some extent because of vitamin A that is needed for healthy eyes. But it does not help restore vision or correct it permanently.
  • Closely sit on the TV screen is bad: Another misconception about to sit closely with a TV screen and watch TV that will hurt your eyes. It will not have a permanent effect but it can cause eye strain that is restored after some time.
  • Dim light can damage vision: You might have heard that to read in dim light can damage your vision. It is also not true and dim light can hurt your eyes. But it will be helpful if you work out inadequate light. Reading prescription eyeglasses can wear if are a great lover of reading books.  

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