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Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up | 3m Safety Glasses Tips

Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up | 3m Safety Glasses Tips

Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up | 3m Safety Glasses Tips

Fogged lenses are every industrial worker’s nightmare. They can take a toll on your daily productivity at work. Even worse, they can cause grave danger to your eyes. According to a study on factors influencing worker’s use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), all participants cited fogged lenses as the major cause for not wearing safety eyewear. The clouded lenses forced them to take their gear off, thus making them vulnerable to hazards at the workplace. 3M Safety Glasses provide a solution to the problem of fogged lenses which will be discussed later. This article delineates on how you can prevent clouded lenses with the help of some practical tips.


Causes of fogged lenses

Essentially, the differences in indoor and outdoor temperatures can cause fogging on the lenses. For instance, a worker will face fogging if he moves out of cool temperature to a hot one outdoors – and vice versa. Furthermore, direct breathing towards the lenses can cause fogging as well (if you are wearing a scarf to keep warm) in cold temperatures. This is due to the difference between your body’s temperature and the cold weather, which makes your warm breath as the cause of fogging on your glasses. Here’s where 3M Protective Eyewear comes in handy.


Clouded lenses can obscure vision & very discomforting. It can lead workers to refrain from wearing glasses which do not possess any sort of anti-fogging mechanism. Thus, exposing them to dangers like foreign projectiles, splashes of toxic chemicals or debris. Hence, fogging remains the leading cause of concern for workers. 3M Prescription Safety Glasses provide the required level of safety assurance against workplace hazards. Worker’s safety must be catered for by companies who must conduct careful assessments of the workplace environment in order to purchase the appropriate kind of protective equipment.


Some Tips for Preventing Fogging

  • Anti-Fogging Coating – 3M Safety Glasses come with their proprietary Scotchgard Anti-Fogging coating on lenses. The compound helps in preventing the moisture accumulating on the lenses, thus allowing for a comfortable & productive session on your job.
  • Placing your glasses at a distance – When wearing your safety eyewear, always place them at a distance from your face at the nose’s bridge. This will prevent any moisture from settling on your glasses.
  • Anti-Fog Solution – If you don’t want an extra coating on your lens, you could always go with an anti-fog solution which comes in the form of wipes. You may apply the solution on your lenses and then wipe away the moisture.


Recommended 3M Eyewear

3M’s Scotch Gard coating comes in a number of their series. One of them is the Solus Series. 3M Solus series are ANSI Z787.1 certified, just as all 3M glasses offering shatterproof durability against workplace hazards. You can wipe the lenses using alcohol or bleach without affecting the anti-fogging performance of the coating. On the whole, it is always recommended to choose a trustworthy name in the world of PPE, such as 3M.

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