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Screen Time, How Is Damaging Your Eyes And Eyesight

Screen Time, How Is Damaging Your Eyes And Eyesight

Screen Time, How Is Damaging Your Eyes And Eyesight

Latest studies show that with the years go, the world is affecting more with nearsightedness. Recently, in the United States, 42% of people have nearsightedness issues. It means, they cannot see well of distant objects. Although, the number is increasing with the increasing screen time of digital devices in people’s lives. Screen timing is also linked with the eyes. You need to wear the best prescription safety glasses or blue light blocker glasses. However, there is a number of ways for your eyes protection form digital devices.


Blue light VS electronic devices:

Make a plan before going to sleep for better eyes health. You can add limiting screen time means don’t spend your much time looking at digital devices. The most popular digital gadgets are tablets, television, and smartphones. And you have no idea how do they affect the brain and its development. You even don’t know; all these gadgets have a great hand in the damaging of your eyes. 3m safety glasses work very well for using while the time of the digital screen. Blue light is not a simple light that has a blue color. It is blue because of the high wavelength and very close to UV rays in the light spectrum.

 UV rays are involved in spreading of many eyes disease like damage tissues, cancer, vision loss, and many other issues. Blue light has not vast bad effects but similar this because of small wavelength. But it is a light that has a high ton of energy and hit directly into your eyes. The sun has blue light but if you get continuous exposure to blue light from digital devices, you are damaging your eye’s cell. Because not all but most of the electronic devices emit blue light and you continuously absorb this light into your eyes. You must wear RX safety glasses while working on a computer screen if you are sitting for a long time.


Vision loss and macular degeneration:

Most common eye disease is macular degeneration among many others. They cause vision loss because eyes macula tissue is damaged. Basically, your eyes are full of blood and liquid vessels and back of the eyes, there are a lot of cells that help you to see well. When light enters into your eyes, it hits the retinal tissue at the back. Here retina has millions of light-sensitive cells that take and transport the information to the brain through the optic nerve. While in the case of macular degeneration, the central part of retina tissue become damage. Blue light basically hurt the macula cells and also those cells who are taking the information. Once the cells are hurt, they cannot be repaired again. Blue light damages the macula cells and that’s why emitting blue light from electronic devices directly affect your vision. You need to wear ANSI safety glasses for blocking this blue light and you have to limit the screen time as well.


Digital eye strain:

Limiting screen time is not specific for children but for also adults. But now more work days’ time has to spend in front of a computer screen. It is the age of digital technology and the time with digital devices is increasing continuously. You may feel that spending a lot of time in front of the computer screen leave your eyes tired. It’s not a mind trick that you feel like this. It is a very common eye problem but least known. You can order online prescription eyewear through any well-known tore. Each day, 50% of users are using a computer screen for prolong time at the end of the day, they get computer vision syndrome. The blue light also causes headaches, dry eyes, vision damage, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, and blurry vision. 

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