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Protective Glasses

It’s important to go with protective eyeglasses from brands which are at the front line of making quality personal protective equipment. You can choose from a plethora of protective eyewear which offers something for everyone. We ensure you select the right piece of eyewear which suits your workplace safety needs.

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Benefits of Buying Protective Glasses Online

Buying eyeglasses online has started to gain traction among consumers. In 2017, eight million spectacles were purchased digitally, which is a small yet optimistic number. In the coming years, people will gravitate more towards buying commodities online. Although modern retail stores offer their own set of advantages, purchasing from trustworthy online shops can be beneficial too. In case of safety eyewear, consideration must be given to various factors involved. This article discusses why buying online may be a better option for buying protective glasses.

Adequate Research

There is a plethora of information available over the internet to discern various features offered by PPE brands. This is somewhat of an advantage for online buyers. In the case of brick and mortar stores, several constraints prevail. For instance, the experience of browsing a large collection of eyewear without appropriate research can be a bit overwhelming. It can result in impulse purchase which leads to post-purchase regret. This is quite uncommon when buying online. Products listed digitally are mostly done in a conscientious manner. Online glasses retailers exhibit more information about their product for consumers. This proves an advantage as people exploring their products can compare their attributes with similar retailers at the click of a button. Thus, this results in fairly low post-purchase cognitive dissonance for shoppers. By & large, buying online reduces impulsive buying to a large extent.

Less Hidden Costs

Buying online can be fairly cheap in comparison to physical retail stores. This is due to the fact that hosting a website is much cheaper, thus resulting in low prices as well. Retailers often have to compensate for high rental costs by adding overhead costs to glasses prices. Most of the times, the difference in sticker prices of online & retail store glasses can be quite surprising.

You can’t discount the self-serving attitude of the salesperson as well. Most retail stores employ salesmen to increase their sales. As salesmen are paid in commission, this pushes them to mislead & coax into buying from them. Such acts of persuasion are mostly unauthentic & unethical. Hence, it is no surprise that people buying from physical stores are more vulnerable to post-purchase regret. Conversely, shopping for Safety Glasses online involves no misguiding acts of elevator pitches being thrown at your face. Therefore, the online experience is much more cost friendly than brick & mortar retail stores.

Extensive Variety

The humungous capacity of a website allows for a countless number of articles to be displayed. This is a huge pro if compared with a physical store. Retail stores are often short on inventories which cause the consumer to miss out on their favorite glasses. Digital stores can display a huge collection of inventory, each varying in price, shape, size & color. Thus, resulting in a wide-ranging choice for consumers. Consumers are also given the opportunity to ‘virtually try on’ frames before purchase. Thus, mimicking the physical experience of buying glasses. On the whole, the physical experience cannot beat the digital one in terms of buying protective eyewear online.


Features of High-Quality Protective Glasses

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 300,000 people are admitted each year due to sustaining eye injuries at work. This can be reduced by 90%, according to ocular experts. Thus, the quality of personal protective equipment cannot be compromised. In the context of eye protection, top brands offering Safety Eyeglasses should be chosen. They offer the prescribed level of safety assurance (as enshrined by OSHA's standards) against workplace hazards. It’s important to ascertain what features consist of quality safety eyewear. In the same vein, this article dilates on what common features high-quality brands offer in their glasses for eye protection.

ANSI Compliant

To ensure shatter-proof durability against high impact accidents, users should look for ANSI Z787.1 compliance in eyewear. This signifies that glasses provide the required level safety according to ANSI requirements. Most high-quality protective glasses are made with polycarbonate material. It’s essentially a thermoplastic compound which is highly scratch resistant and has a longer shelf life in contrast to the usual glass. ANSI testing for impact employs vigorous & high-stress methods for ensuring safety. For durability tests, a small metallic spherical object is propelled towards the lens from a very short distance. The lens is then inspected for damages such as penetration, fracture, inner surface damage, etc. Once the lens passes this phase of the test, it advances on to the next stage. Such high-stress durability tests ensure that the lens would not shatter or fragment into the eye during a high impact accident. It doesn’t matter if you are an industrial worker, motorcyclists or an avid sportsman, protecting your eyes with the best is the way to go.

Protection against UV Rays

More often than not, some of us spend more time in the sun during work or play. The Ultra Violet rays contained in sunlight can be harmful to the eyes. Prolonged exposure can lead to long term vision ailments. This includes macular degeneration & cataracts which can be a source of vision loss. High-quality safety glasses such as 3M offer 100% protection against UVA & B type of rays. Their polycarbonate lens allows them to ensure complete absorption of the aforementioned UV rays. For instance, their Virtua series is a lightweight, comfortable piece of industrial eyewear made for wearing during long hours of work. Their lenses also come in anti-fogging option with their trademark Scotchgard coating. This allows great comfort for workers in hot, humid or very cold temperatures. In light of the above, it’s important to discern that buying quality eyewear should be prioritized over everything else.


Choosing the appropriate kinds of protective gear for your eyes is extremely important. In a survey, 40% of workers who sustained injuries were wearing some sort of safety gear for their eyes. This denotes that wearing safety eyeglasses alone is not enough. Hazards must be thoroughly assessed before purchasing any PPE. Top notch brands such as 3M provide an unmatched variety of industrial eyewear which is tailored to provide the right kind of safety at your job.


Tips for Buying Affordable Protective Glasses

Protecting your eyes is imperative on your job. Your safety eyewear is much more than just a piece of equipment, it’s your eyes’ best friend. You can buy protective gear for your eyes from your local retail store or a trustworthy online shop. The choice is yours. However, much-needed planning is to be done beforehand. You don’t want to experience a post-purchase regret as a result of buying something impulsively. For this, It’s important to consider a bunch of factors before purchasing any kind of personal protective equipment. This article discusses the important aspects of the pre-purchase phase of buying affordable protective glasses.

Assessing your needs

Affordability is not synonymous with being cheap. It denotes buying the best value with your money. Before everything, you must prioritize on things you consider important. This includes a multitude of factors. First, you must carry out a careful analysis of your workplace hazards. This will help you ascertain exactly the right type of glasses that you require. Most of the times, the world affordability is trumped by your own satisfaction. Hence, it is noteworthy that whatever brand you may decide to go with, it must offer value. Second, decide what you value in the glasses. Some people are okay with wearing large safety goggles over their RX glasses or contact lenses. Others prefer the RX option integrated with their industrial eyewear. Hence, it boils down to what are your needs & what features you deem suitable in protective equipment for eyes.

Deciding on your budget

Price is always an important factor. Buying online can be advantageous at times when it comes to low prices. Physical stores often beef up their prices by adding hidden costs as overheads, commissions & salaries of salespeople, etc. It leads to an overpriced purchase. However, this can be duly avoided by buying from reliable online retailers. Online retailers have can store huge inventories on their websites at a fraction of physical stores storage costs. Also, the absence of self-serving employees is an advantage as users are given more time & research to peruse their products before buying. Buying protective glasses online can offer greater value in terms of affordable prices of the same products available at your nearest retail store.


Lenses play an important role. Most lenses are made of polycarbonate in safety eyewear to ensure shatter-proof protection against high impact accidents. They also offer complete UV protection. If a person needs vision correction, they can opt for RX ready eyewear. This can be done by showing your latest prescription to the seller. Lenses also come in different coatings. For instance, Anti-fogging coating stops the hassle of removing glasses to clean fogged lenses. This is great for workers in very cold or extremely hot temperatures. Top brands as 3M offer Scotchgard Anti-fogging coating on lenses to offer unmatched clarity of vision. Protective eyewear by 3M offers the best value for money when it comes to buying industry leading PPE at affordable prices.

Benefits of High Impact 3M Prescription Safety Glasses


High impact protection plays an important role in protecting your eyes from any safety hazards at work. Renowned brands such as 3M offer RX glasses with high impact durability in their glasses. Your standard prescription eyewear stands in no comparison here. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2.5 million people are subjected to eye injuries each year. This reinforces the need for safety against high impact accidents. Experts agree injuries can be reduced by 90% by wearing the right kind of protection for eyes. Furthermore, wearing the right kind of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which complies with high impact protection is a requirement by OHSA. This article discusses the benefits of 3M Prescription Safety Glasses which guarantee high impact resistance against hazards to your eye on the job.

What Consists of High Impact Resistant Glasses?

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a Not-for-Profit Organization which specializes in enacting safety standards for the workplace by means of global collaboration for a variety of products. The bottom line in measuring high impact protection of any safety eyewear is their compliance by the with ANSI Standard Z7871. According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, 70% of eye injuries are as a result of blunt trauma caused by flying objects coming in contact with the eye. Thus, the need for shatter-proof durability cannot be stressed enough. ANSI testing is done through a series of rigorous process ascertaining the durability of the lens against accidents. The high volume impact testing is done by releasing a small object from above to the surface of the glasses’ lens. After the object falls on the glasses, they are assessed with the following measures – Lens Retention; Inner Lens Dislocation; Fracture & Penetration. If the lens remains unbroken, it is marked as approved and advances on to the next phase. 3M Prescription Safety Glasses are ANSI approved.

Thus, glasses are made shatter-proof by virtue of the aforementioned tests. With the use of Polycarbonate materials in lenses, lenses now offer more durability than ever. The sturdy thermoplastic compound boasts a 100 times stronger protection than normal glass. Safety against high impacts is a necessity as laborers are exposed to a variety of perils on their job. Hence, Protective Glasses ensures that your eyes remain safe & intact.


How 3M Ensures Safety of Your Eyes

3M is a powerhouse in the realm of PPE. Purchasing from a renowned brand such as 3M would offer your premium protection & safeguard your eyes from any high-risk situations. They offer unrivaled safety against a variety of hazards present at the workplace. At 3M, products are meticulously made & with such rigor that they provide users with the most value for their money. Most of their products are meant for industrial workers. 3M’s products are often sought by major companies belonging to the industrial sector. All of the 3M safety glasses meet international safety standards for the workplace. Their products comply with ANSI Z787.1, which is the hallmark of their unmatched protection against high impact accidents. 


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