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Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety eyeglasses are at their best when combined with vision correction for the sake of your eyes. Maintaining an accurate vision cannot be overlooked at work or play. We help you order prescription safety glasses online in the easiest way possible. That’s because we care for your eyes.

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3M DT-4

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3M Virtua AP

Benefits of Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses

The need for wearing Prescription Safety Glasses can & should never be overlooked in the workplace. It becomes necessary where workers are largely engrossed in tasks of assembling products. The report by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) testifies that about 2,000 workers in the U.S. encounter eye-related injuries every day. The need for protective eyewear transcends over to people involved in sports as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 70% of accidents occur from airborne particles such as sparks or bits of metal. By and large, the benefits of wearing protection glasses cannot be discounted. Here’s why you should be giving the utmost priority to protecting your eyes:

  • Prevent Vision Impairment

The most conspicuous one. Protection for eyes is a key component of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at work. Almost 90% of accidents causing vision loss can be prevented by donning safety glasses. Protective gear hampers any threatening particles entering your eyes during work. This can include occasional sparks or bits of metal rupturing the cornea. Nonchalance can lead to permanent blindness.
Wearing appropriate eyewear can also ward off harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. UV rays can be a source of illness such as presbyopia which is often found in veteran laborers. This can be easily prevented by the use of appropriate gear for eyesight. Modern Rx eyewear has a built-in mechanism to obviate UV rays.

  • Robustness

Protection eyewear is rigorously tested by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standards ensure the product’s robustness to given high impact accidents to ensure safety. This is done by conducting test such as dropping an object of considerable mass on the glasses. If the glasses don’t break, it’s considered as ANSI Z87.1 compliant. Protective eyewear acts as a buffer against workplace hazards. The use of effective protection can pay dividends in the long run.

  • Multivariate protection

Safety for the eye isn’t limited to the bounds of indoor protection at the workplace. Outdoor activities such as sports also demand protection for your eyes. Over 40,000 injuries pertain to eyes involving sports or other physically demanding activities. Wearing eyewear could significantly shear off this figure. The report involves mostly children & teens who are susceptible to losing their vision at a tender age. Also, maintaining 20/20 vision is crucial in sports requiring adept hand-to-eye coordination. For this, prescription safety glasses must be advocated for children and adults alike.

  • Saves you dough

Companies bear the brunt of more than $300 million a year in catering for eye injuries at work. Thereon, it’s better to provide industry standard gear for their manpower. Most companies offer specs at discounted rates to their employees at bulk. This can be fruitfully availed by the employees. Conversely, Eye injuries can occur in the form of strain to extreme trauma. This bears a demand for eyeglasses as a necessary apparatus for work. Thus, wearing protective gear at work is a win-win for both the employer and the employee.


Prescription Safety Glasses for Firing Ranges

The hazards of shooting prevail in either outdoors or indoors. The troika of protection, precision & durability must be present in eyewear worn during firing. Prescription Safety Glasses do just that. Although accidents at fire ranges occur in small measures, the inherent risks are always present. According to research conducted by the United States Army Aeromedical Center, eyes are highly vulnerable to pellets of firearms within a range of 15 to 40 yards. Even when you are not out hunting in the wild, indoor shooting can also be a cause of grave injuries to your eyes. The OHSA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standard number 1910.133 stipulates protection during shooting as well. Hence, protection for your eyes is imperative here as well. In the backdrop of the aforementioned, this article provides a discourse on the importance of safety glasses to prevent eye-related accidents in a shooting.

  • Hazards involved in Shooting

Taking precautions such as by wearing Protective Eyewear can prevent you from wearing an eye patch (God forbid!) in the future. Indoor firing consists of firearms which may expel bullet shells or pellets during the course of shooting. Along with protecting your ears, your eyes deserve equal protection. At times the muzzle can also be hazardous for vision. The sudden bright, dazzling flash of light can be a cause of glare to the eyes. This can result in vision impairment. For larger firearms, the ejection of intrusive gunpowder may result in inadvertent vision loss. Also, the hot gasses emitted by the mechanism of firing a gun can be damaging to the eyes. The mere act of rubbing out the fine particles can hurt a lot and may require a visit to a certified optometrist. Furthermore, bullets can also ricochet inside a given space. A single inadvertent mistake can be a cause of permanent deprivation of sight. One can never go wrong by investing in a good pair of quality protective glasses.

  • Benefits of Safety Glasses for Shooters

The most important element is the robustness of the lens. Almost all top-notch eyewear is manufactured out of Polycarbonate. The material is essentially plastic, but extremely sturdy in nature. Its bullet resistance like material is suitable for shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike. Also, the lens is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1 Compliant. It offers the optimum amount of shatterproof protection assurance against shooting hazards. Also, the element of vision protection is essential for safety eyewear. A 20/20 vision is not to be compromised with, especially when trying out your favorite piece of Roscoe. Prescription Safety Glasses enables an accurate vision to fire bullets at that prized bull’s eye. You can check out the best safety gear for eyes at ( Most eyewear provides you with the option to switch the lens according to given lighting conditions. Their lightweight composition & multidimensional design helps in adapting to any uncertain environments as well.



The Variety offered by Prescription Safety Glasses

An accurate vision is vital when it comes to performing a task. Added to this, there should be no compromise on the protection of your vision too. Consequently, a dual function comes into play. It’s a common dilemma for workers who require a refractive correction of their eyes. Securing vision from any hazard at work, sports or any other risk of eye injury should be ensured as well. Prescription safety glasses are a viable option for most of the times. They offer protection as well as the vision correction through prescribed optics. Having said that, consultation with a certified optometrist is still a prerequisite. But don’t make the purchase yet! Choosing protection with a vision accuracy mechanism can be tricky for some people. This article delineates options which are worth considering before getting protective gear for your eyes.

  • Basic Prescription Glasses

The first option that comes into mind is the regular Rx ones with the function of protection. However, several factors need deliberation. Pricing is a huge factor. Getting the whole thing is something different as opposed to purchasing modules. Purchasing a regular pair of protective eyewear with a prescription lens can be a bit costly for most of the people. However, most of the eyewear nowadays is being provided by companies for workers. This helps when insurance covers most of the cost. On a positive note, they offer more variety in design, shape & size. Choosing the right type of lens is another huge factor which must be done judiciously. The lens can vary from regular glass to more sturdy, long-lasting ones such as Polycarbonate. Choosing a polycarbonate lens can pay dividends in the long run. Most industry standard glasses offer the ANSI Z87.1 certified lens. It’s a normative standard testifying the safety of lens.

  • Using Inserts

One can purchase Prescription Safety Glasses which possess a separate carrier for the prescription lens to hold. In lieu of regular prescription ones, these offer their own set of pros and cons. The good thing about insert type of eyewear is that they are built with more durable material as compared to regular glasses. The sides are bulkier, offering better protection from hazardous projectiles. The interchangeability allows for the option to change lens once they become excessively scratched. One can always switch the lens according to the light of the given environment.

The initial impression of insert glasses is that they are uncomfortable due to their size. Some people may also have to deal with the hassle of switching to different lens time and again. The idea of wearing two kinds of lenses at the same time can also be uneasy. For instance, it can be problematic when it comes to the different composition of two kinds of lenses worn at the same time. The variation between the anti-fogging coating of lenses can cause vision to partially blur. For this, both sets of lenses must have a uniform composition. Cleaning insert glasses can also be an arduous task.


Tips for Prescription Safety Glasses Maintenance

Safety eyewear does need maintenance just like everything else involved in the daily routine of our lives. Most protection glasses are worn in hazardous occupations such as construction, mining, repairing & also worn in sports. Maintaining a healthy check on the durability & viability of eyewear is essential. This goes as well in the case of those who wear prescription safety glasses owing to any activity’s requirement. Although a quality pair can pay dividends, regular maintenance cannot be substituted by anything. This article will help you with some tips on how to ensure healthy maintenance of your vision’s savior.

  • Regular Cleaning – This is a no brainer. With a good routine of maintenance, RX safety glasses can last easily up to 3 years. Cleaning should be followed & done religiously throughout the course the glasses usage up till its final disposal. The act of cleaning can be as simple as cleaning it with water. It is recommended to rinse glasses with cool water. This helps in removing the residues which may have stuck on the glasses during work. Stains must be removed with a suitable cleaner. Although they can be removed with your own dishwasher, experts recommend an acidic cleaner for best results. It is apt for removing any toxic liquid stains left on the lens. Acidic cleaning products are toxic, so special care is advised while using them for cleaning.
  • Rinsing both sides of eyewear – It’s important to thoroughly clean several areas of the glasses. The portion around nose pads & the temple must be carefully washed. Safety eyewear contains huge paddings around the lens along with brow & side shields. They must be inspected for any debris or residues that need to be washed away. The dirt on the sides of the frames can be scrubbed away using a brush with tender bristles.
  • Don’t use stain removers lying around in house – Avoid using any random cleaners such as your own glass cleaners. Most of them are not recommended due to the damage they can do to the lens coating. Most prescription safety glasses have a fine coating which helps in warding off Ultra Violet (UV) rays away from the eyes. Any inadvisable stain remover can cause wearing away of the film off the lens.
  • Avoid rough cleaning fabric – Although Polycarbonate material is shatterproof, it is often subjected to getting scratched early on when not taken appropriate care of. Abrasive cloths can cause scratch marks to appear on lenses which degrades the glasses.
  • Use a Case/Protector – The obvious benefit is preventing the lens of your Protective Eyewear from getting scratched. Although the frame of the eyewear is capable of bearing any impact & quite sturdy in form, paying attention to the health of lens is crucial.
  • Purchase a new one when required – Although safety gear for eyes comes with a promise of longevity, it is apt to get a new pair when necessary. Protection of your vision comes before the maintenance of your personal protective gear.


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