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Lens Importance Before Buying Shooting Glasses for Best Shooting

Lens Importance Before Buying Shooting Glasses for Best Shooting

Lens Importance Before Buying Shooting Glasses for Best Shooting

Eye protection is compulsory for all shooters through safety eyeglasses. Without any uncertainty, all shooters need eye protection whether you need for at the range, infield, or in training. Reasonably, most of the shooting activities happen to one or two-handed always take place with proximity to the eyes and face. The possibility of wind grit, blowing dust and ejected shell casting make essential for eyes protection with side shields.


Everyday plastic and thin sunglasses with side protection or wraparound like 3m v1000 are ideal for shooting. Because they are usually shatterproof and impact resistant. That little side protection protects and covers a vulnerable area of eyes and face. While shooting, looking cool are not good criteria for effective and safe shooting.  Many people wear aviator glasses without side shields, never use them for shooting. If you are searching a safe and quality pair of eyewear for shooting, consider the following lens materials.


Lens material:

Polycarbonate material for a lens is considered best for shooting applications even for RX safety glasses. They are easily available in the market today. Polycarbonate is a kind of LEXAN from G.E that is the same stuff used in bullet-resistant glasses in vehicles. By comparing with other materials in the market, this material is lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable. Many fire agencies and law enforcement are manufacturing polycarbonate lenses standard concern on all safety specs.


Trivex another material has the same standard as polycarbonate, lighter and has high optical quality. Because of expensive and less availability is not sold at a wide range. SR-91 is much lighter than Trivex and has impacted performance with greater optical clarity. But it is not recommended for rifle shooting because of less precision and can be best for handgun shooters. Anyhow, TRivex and polycarbonate look to work best for overall shooting eyewear.

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