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How Safety Glasses and Eyes Safety Related to Each Other

How Safety Glasses and Eyes Safety Related to Each Other

How Safety Glasses and Eyes Safety Related to Each Other

Safety glasses are not only essential for eyes at a work site where potential hazards can take place but also important at home. Because a lot of injuries are related to the eyes either you are working a job or at home. In reality, some injuries are easily preventable that can resolve by taking some steps. Human negligence and lack of training are the main contributions to eye injuries. Your face bone structure usually helps from injuries from large objects. Eyelashes are helpful for blocking small objects but eyes are still in danger if appropriate protection is not taken. Eye injuries are a very serious issue because it is not painful but lead to vision loss as well. For example, glasses particles are very harmful to eyes damaging and it is very difficult to remove and locate particularly working in the field.


Advantage of safety glasses:

  • Safety eyewear like Titmus safety glasses keeps away small particles to into eyes.
  • They are heat-resistant and save eyes from flames and sparks.
  • Protective specs shield eyes from chemical splashes.
  • Don’t forget to wear them before working in any hazardous places.


Features of protective eyewear:

Protective eyewear is not the same as standard glasses. The frames and lenses of protective glasses are much thicker and stronger than regular dress glasses. The ANSI American National Standard Institute is an organization that manages the safety standard for products manufacturing. They have also set a safety standard for eyewear. The lenses should be much strong and be able to pass the drop ball test. The ball is released from some specific distance on the lenses. If the lens cracks, breaks, or shutter, it is not suitable for safety specs.

  • The frame should be heat resistant and could prevent from pushing inside to the wearer.
  • Polycarbonate material is used in the lenses should be stronger and impact resistant.
  • They should have a perfect fit for the wearer's face on from all side.

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