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How Can You Protect Your Eyes from Welding?

How Can You Protect Your Eyes from Welding?

How Can You Protect Your Eyes from Welding?

According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, eyes injuries while welding is the most common injuries. These were those workers who were producing commercial and industrial machinery, fabricated metal products, and computer equipment in industries. The ideal way to control eye injuries is so simple just by the use of proper safety eyewear. Helmets only are not enough for eyes protection. The workers should use safety goggles and side shields with ANSI certification.  Safety goggles are better for eyes protection than safety specs against dust, and other conventional hazards.


Unluckily, workers always don’t wear goggles because of the risk of low perception, poorly maintenance of lenses or to wear them over prescription safety glasses. It is essential to know that welding-related eye injuries occur due to a number of sources like,

  • Mechanical damage that can take place by the struck of chipped slag and flying particles.
  • Photochemical burns and radiation through UVR, intense blue light, and infrared radiation.
  • Chemical burns and irritation because of chemicals and fumes.

For eye injuries in such areas, you need to educate workers from all type of danger that can occur while working. You need to implement a proper plan for eye protection for welding purpose.


Growing damage risk:

It is common, all type of welding produce possible harmful UV, visible light spectrum, and infrared. Damaging from ultraviolet rays’ can arise very rapidly. Generally, the eye’s lens and cornea absorb these rays and can cause an arc flash. Arc flash is a painful injury that is considered by tearing and eye swelling. Some of the eye injuries are revocable and some are irrevocable and can lead to permanent vision impairment.


Eye protection away from a helmet:

Protective clothing and helmets protect from sunburn and welder flash but most of the workers perform their work just with a helmet. They need protective eyewear like zt45 with permanent side shields. They will shield your eyes from flying particles and power chipping while welding.

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