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Can Prescription Lenses Use with Sunglasses Frame?

Can Prescription Lenses Use with Sunglasses Frame?

Can Prescription Lenses Use with Sunglasses Frame?

Finally, you found the right pair of sunglasses. After a long time, you had a bad pair of prescription safety glasses frames that always slipped from your nose and they always pinch the nose. But thanks god not now you have an amazing tint and you just want to wear it all time even every single day. Basically, the contacts are not the product for everyone use and sunglasses of you cannot wear them all the time. So now what should you do? Now wear your glasses not for half of the time and no need to wear your regular eyeglasses for the rest of the time.

You can put on contacts at any time of the day when you want to wear it. How is the idea, if you use your sunglasses frame for your prescription lenses? You can make it your next step to make your favorite frame for any event. Actually, you can enjoy both worlds of fashion if you put your prescription safety glasses lenses in your sunglasses frames. But they have one sad thing that you cannot carry for every pair. Here are tips how can you turn your favorite pair of tints into a pair of regular eyewear.


What about the use of sunglasses frame for prescription lenses?

That basically depends on the quality of sunglasses. For example, you are in a mall and there is a sale of sunglasses. You find a pair of sunglasses for $ 150 that really amaze you. They belong to a very reputable brand and provide the guarantee of material and warranty as well. Such sunglasses you don’t know either is suitable for your prescription lenses or not. But if you are in a drug store and you like a pair of glasses just for $10 on display. But low-quality safety eyewear is not the answer to this solution. No doubt, they are looking good and priceless as well. But for your prescription lenses, you need ANSI safety glasses frame that could hold prescription lenses.


What constitutes make a good frame?

Before getting the answer to this question. It is essential to figure out what basically you search in a good frame. Two important material is used in RX safety glasses frames that are plastic and metal. Plastic frames are strong, durable, and lightweight. On the other hand, metal frames are stronger but heavier. But you can wear them in salt water like the beach as well.


What about prescription sunglasses?

Well, it is possible to fitted prescription lenses into sunglasses frames but has a complicated procedure. Because a lot of factors are involved and willingness of your optometrist is also essential. For some people, it is easier to purchase prescription sunglasses but it is a little pricy that can range up to $2500.

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