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Are Transition Lenses Good for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Are Transition Lenses Good for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Are Transition Lenses Good for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Transition prescription safety glasses are also used as contact lenses that are widely bought today of photochromic lenses. They are manufactured by Chromea7 technology that is available in brown, grey, and graphite green. Customers who have to spend their lot of time in outdoor activities and just hate to bother to switching the glasses according to the situation. They would love to wear these lenses because now they have no need to keep an extra pair of prescription eyewear with then along with sunglasses.


Not same other lenses, for indoor, they remain clear and change the lenses shade for outdoor lightening condition. In short, they are the safety glasses that automatically adjust the light. Light basically influences their color qualities and change shade. They are super-fast just change their tint within 30 to 35 seconds. They react to UV rays and changed the shade. You have a lot of options in purchasing as you can get in plastic and polycarbonate lenses. For a comfortable fit, the spring hinges should be of high quality. Another good feature of transition safety glasses is a scratch-resistant coating that can block a maximum portion of UV rays.


Are photochromic lenses safe for eyes:

Prevent Blindness America states that high contact to UV rays can cause cataract and macular degeneration as you age up. If you use RX safety glasses and use sunglasses for outdoor and you feel inconvenient switching the glasses. You must try photochromic lenses that are more comfortable. The best material for photochromic lenses is polycarbonate because this is the safest material for using. Particularly for children act as safest glasses for their developing eyes. We understand many people are reluctant to use them in their eyewear.

They are a little expensive than other traditional lenses because they have more benefit than others. The most important thing to mention is that you don’t need to carry two pairs of safety eyeglasses. It means you have one solution to two things. People who are an enthusiast to play outdoor games like football or soccer can enjoy with photochromic lenses. If you don’t want to get transition lenses, polarized lenses can be the best choice for an outdoor workout. 


Considered things before purchasing transition lenses:

  • Transition lenses become dark automatically in the bright sunlight and most of the lenses don’t change behind the car windshield.
  • Transition lenses don’t become dark enough. If you are sensitive to bright sunlight, transition lenses are not enough. You need a separate pair of safety glasses for eliminating sensitivity.
  • The glasses with transition lenses are no doubt versatile and are valuable in their function. You can find any frames for them.
  • Transition lenses should be made polycarbonate material as they have high impact resistance.
  • Transition lenses are a great investment for most eye wearers who need safety specs for their job. But make sure, you need to care a lot of them. You have to clean them properly and they easily are scratched.


AR coating is not ideal for prescription eyewear that can be easily removed while cleaning. AR- coating easily scratches when you don’t clean them with a microfiber cloth. So you should avoid AR coating on your transition protective eyewear.

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