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A Comprehensive Guide To Coating For Sunglasses And Eyeglasses

A Comprehensive Guide To Coating For Sunglasses And Eyeglasses

A Comprehensive Guide To Coating For Sunglasses And Eyeglasses

The world of prescription safety glasses and sunglasses lenses is so complicated that anyone can easily confuse in this world. For different lens types with different coating, there is a lot of information to know about. Here is everything about coating for sunglasses and eyeglasses and you can select the right coating for your lenses.


Types of coatings:

Generally, there are four main coatings that are included scratch-resistant coating, UV protection, blue light, and AR-coating. All coatings have different functions according to situations. All of them are ideal in their own places and you have to pick one of them according to your requirements.

  • Blue light safety:

Blue light is produced by all kinds of digital devices like a computer screen, TV, tablets, and smartphones, etc. This light is the cause of eyestrain and blue light safety coating that helps your eyes to prevent from this light. Eyewear like 3m v1000 is safety spec that can be coated with blue light protection against the protection of blue light. It has other advantages like protecting your lenses from smudges and scratches. Besides these, this coating gives a sharp vision and it is the best choice that is invisible to others.


  • AR-coating:

AR-coating is an ideal choice for those who want to eliminate the effects of glare and reflection while driving at night. You cannot see clear with this kind of coating. It helps to shield the lenses from scratching and smudges and keep away dust and water over the lens surface. If you wear RX safety glasses, AR-coating is an ideal choice for your lenses. it also helps to cut down the UV rays and also help to make your appearances clear. AR-coating gives you a sharp image like natural. 


  • UV protection:

UV protection is really the main component for eyes protection. High contact with such type of light can cause many eye problems like cataract and macular degeneration. The UV light is produced by the sun and this is like electromagnetic radiation. Such radiation is dangerous because it leads to skin cancer and sunburn. So it is important to protect your eyes from these risky rays that obtain from sunlight. All kind of safety eyewear is treatment with UV protection whether you get them for indoor or outdoor.


  • Anti-scratch coating:

Anti-scratch coating is simply explaining itself by its name. It works in a number of ways for keeping your glasses for an extended period. Not only, it helps to make the lenses scratch free but it keeps your glasses newer for a longer time as well by improving vision. Of course, no one will want to see through the scratch glasses that can cause eye strain. So anti-scratch coating must apply on all types of eyewear to make them impact resistance.


What should you choose:

This question is not as easy as you think. But luckily, most of the eyewear that comes with the more than one options to apply. If you are interested in choosing all the coating on your eyewear, go ahead you can do this. You can even get all coating options on your glasses if you have ordered prescription eyewear online. The UV protection and scratch-resistant coating are essential and can apply overall eyewear but AR-coating and blue light protection can apply according to a recommendation.

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