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The classic 3M Virtua Safety Glasses combine affordability, comfort, close fit & style with its wraparound design. Attached side shields allow for more protection against intrusion of foreign particles & dust. You can find varying shapes, colors & sizes of all 3M Virtua Safety Glasses here.

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3M Virtua Sports CCS
60 tryon-glasses


3M Virtua

60 tryon-glasses


3M Virtua Sports CCS

Protecting your vision with 3M Virtua Safety Glasses

When it comes to the industry standard Personal Protection Equipment, 3M always gets a notable mention. It has always been the premium brand in the landscape of Protective Eyewear. The company’s omnipresence can be felt by its large stature and overall market share. The variety offered by its unmatched assortment of eyewear boasts both quality & value for money. In the context of providing the best hardware for eye protection, they know how to do it the best. There are a few things to consider what comprises of premium protection gear for eyes.

  • Durability

3M Virtua Safety glasses are praised for their robustness. The durability comes into play in most of the industries involving activities of cutting, welding & melting. This is common among automotive, morphing metal & pharmaceutical industries and others. There are certain industry standards to adhere to when it comes to providing resistance against high-impact accidents. The compliance standards are laid down by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in US & Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for shipping in Canada. For legit compliance, Consumers must look for a Z87+ mark etched on the lens. The ANSI standard Z87.1-2003 stipulates that eyewear must withstand accidents of high impacts. The tests conducted to verify the strength of a material is quite intense. For instance, there is a High-Velocity Impact Test. It consists of the impact of a metal ball traveling at a speed of 150 feet per second from a distance of .25 inches. Most glasses must undergo this before being assembled as a finished product. The lens material is made out of Polycarbonate. It is essentially plastic in physical terms. Polycarbonate is often used to make penetration proof shields. 3M Virtua Safety glasses include both frame & lens made out of polycarbonate. The plastic is very scratch resistant & is less costly to manufacture in contrast to a glass.

  • Comfort

Workers are often involved in activities where an inherent risk of the glasses falling off is present. Padding around the temples of glasses allows for comfortable wear through long hours of work. The foam gasket around the lens keeps the glasses from falling off while working. It allows for a more snugly fit as well. The part where glasses rest are also padded for added comfort to the nose bridge. Most of the glasses also provide the option to remove the temples to allow use with an elastic band where needed.

  • Lens Coating

It’s important for Prescription Safety Glasses to have a certain coating which enables clear vision while working. One example of this is the anti-fog coating. The company’s proprietary “Scotch Gard” coated lens keeps away the condensation. This is important when it comes to working under polarized temperatures. The UV protection is also offered by the lens coating by virtue of the polycarbonate lens. Most glasses lay a legit claim of being impervious to 99% of UV rays. Furthermore, a photochromic lens coating can help acclimate to different lighting conditions. This removes the hassle of switching and donning up different glasses.

Activities Suitable for Wearing 3M Virtua Safety Glasses

The activities we perform in our daily lives pose a threat to the safety of our eyes. Hence, eye protection is indispensable. The OHSA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) standard makes it mandatory for employers to provide apt eye protection at work. Varying nature of threats exists according to the type of vocation. 3M Virtua Safety Glasses are the go-to option when it comes to industry-leading PPE. Although the idea of protecting your eyes cannot be shunned, suitable protection must be adopted to protect against safety hazards. The first step towards this is to conscientiously assess the type of hazards present in the workplace. This would help ascertain the danger which needs to be curtailed & choose the right type of ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified equipment for protection. This article discusses some of the common vocations which unequivocally require safety eyewear.

  • Sports

Sports can make people suffer eye injuries in the form of blunt traumas. This can be caused by projectiles of spherical objects involved. Also, Frequent contact can lead to inadvertent pokes to the eye. This can cause cuts & lacerations to the frontal area i.e. the cornea. In extreme cases, the cornea may get ruptured leading to permanent loss of vision. This can be prevented by wearing protection. 3M Prescription Safety Glasses are an excellent choice for athletes as they combine the function of vision correction with safety. They can be looked up on Also, all 3M glasses are ANSI Z787.1 certified. The standard denotes their ability to provide shatter-proof protection against high volume & velocity impacts.

  • Driving Motorcycles

Wearing leather jackets might make you look good but they don’t keep your eyes safe. Motorcyclists are exposed to flying projectiles while driving. Thus, wearing durable eye protection is a must to protect against intrusion of fine particles while driving. Safety eyewear is also helpful against the glare caused by sunlight. Also, motorcycles do not have windshields to filter out Ultra Violet rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause long term vision problems such as cataracts or macular degeneration. A quality pair of 3M Protective Eyewear would be an appropriate choice here.

  • Construction

This vocation involves a lot of cutting & grinding. Tiny particles can cause lacerations such as shards of glass or wood splinters. Frequent sawdust & debris can be prevented from harming your vision by using high-quality PPE. This is due to the peripheral protection which they offer. It’s always a good idea to wear a protective helmet along with your eye protector.

  • Hunting

Shooting in the wild can be adventurous, as long as you keep your eyes safe. Your vision is often at risk during hunting. The bullet shells or pellets released from a firearm can come in contact with eyes. Thus, it is best recommended to wear safety for eyes as they are at less than an arm’s length from your gun. 3M Virtua Safety Glasses remain one of the most suitable eyewear for hunting.


Benefits offered by 3M Virtua Safety Glasses

3M stands as the pioneer among providers of PPE (personal protective equipment). They manufacture a huge assortment of products ranging from electronics, adhesives, and other construction equipment. This article pertains to discuss the need for 3M Virtua Safety Glasses to avoid workplace injury. The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) conducted research which found workers subjected to 2000 eye-related injuries every day. The need for protecting your eyes cannot be emphasized enough. The scope of discussion here is about & how they are of benefit to your daily work routine. Furthermore, investing in a quality pair of protective eyewear can be advantageous instead of buying glasses from shoddy manufacturers. This article delineates why 3M stands as the leading edge provider of PPE in the industry.

  • Durability – The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a regulatory body which orders PPE manufacturers to comply with certain standards. The most important one is the ANSI Z87.1-2003 or ANSI Z87.1-2010. It pertains to the assurance of robustness and durability against lens shattering accidents. 3M Prescription Safety Glasses conforms with the aforementioned standard. It does not compromise on the safety offered to its customers. ANSI simulation tests involve high impact accidents to mimic real-life hazards. One example is of a metallic ball being hurled towards the lens from a very short distance (less than an inch).
  • Protection – Most of 3M PPE for the eyes comes with side & brow shields. They play an important role in guarding against certain residues. These can be in the form of fine particles which can cause irritation in the eyes. Side shields help in warding off any debris or material which could impair vision permanently. The protection can also be in the form of guarding against UV (Ultra Violet) rays. This is often due to extended exposure to sunlight or working in excessive heat. The radiation causes exposure to UV rays which can result in skin cancer. In case of eyes, it can lead to long term vision loss in the form of macular degeneration or cataracts. 3M offers a polycarbonate lens which is premium in offering protection as its durability. Polycarbonate material is highly scratch resistant & impervious to UV. Thus, 3M Virtua Safety Glasses offer the assurance to keep your vision intact & your productivity unhampered during all hours of work.
  • Comfort – It’s imperative for glasses to have a snugly fit to avoid irritation during wearing them for long hours of work. They should also firmly sit on the bridge and refrain from falling off. The frame around the lens is also well padded which supplements the fit.
  • Anti-Fog – They help immensely in working environments with polarized temperatures. They can include snow where workers face the arduous task of working in cold weather. Anti-fogging lens greatly helps against the hassle of removing your eyeglasses repeatedly to rub off the condensed vapor.
  • RX Glasses – 3M Prescription Safety Glasses offers the viable option of refractive correction for workers who require a 20/20 vision during work.


Mirror Lenses for 3M Virtua Safety Glasses

Users are often perplexed when they come across the dull, clunky lenses of safety glasses. For this, it’s appropriate to choose a company which offers the option of customization to suit your fashionable needs too. 3M Virtua Safety Glasses are a notable mention as they combine aesthetic design with protection. It knows that a certain level of aesthetic appeal is a prerequisite for a mass appeal of any product. It sometimes is equally important in the realm of workplace safety. The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) makes wearing PPE mandatory under the code 1910.133. Well, safety wearables for eyes do not have to be outdated. Leading-edge companies such as 3M promises place equal care on how good one will look with the glasses donned up. This article describes how the mirrored lens can help where they prove a suitable choice.

  • Why Mirror Coated Lens

Glare is caused when light bounces off from flat objects, such as the ground, straight into our eyes. The scattered light is composed of unorganized waves which cause discomfort. Glare is also harmful as the UV rays emitted by sunlight are harmful. They contain UV-A & B types of rays which have shorter wavelengths. Such types of waves are able to permeate the human eye. Extended exposure to UV can lead to blurriness and long term vision impairment. For this purpose, many 3M Protective Eyewear products include the option of the mirrored coated lens.

Mirror (or flash) coated lenses essentially help redirect away from the sunlight from the eyes. They also add to the cosmetic purpose of the glasses. The coating is usually applied to the surface of the outer lens of eyewear. It’s important to ascertain the lighting conditions of your working environment before making the final buying decision. This is due to the fact that mirror lenses also obstruct some light in order to reduce glare from the sun. A mirrored lens is also a great option for drivers as they help in reducing headlight glare. However, they are not advised to be worn in low light. 3M Virtua Safety Glasses such as 3M Virtua V4 contain mirrored lenses along with the RX option as well.

  • Choosing Mirrored Lenses by 3M

It’s important to assess the light levels at your job or any activity for which you wish to purchase safety eyewear. The type of tint plays a great role in how much light one wants to filter out in order to see without any discomfort. All 3M lenses are carved out of polycarbonate material which is ANSI Z787.1 compliant. They are highly scratch resistant and provide a shatter-proof assurance against accidental impacts. Polycarbonate material also helps in absorbing UV rays which keeps your vision intact. The mirror lenses are available among most of 3M Virtua Safety Glasses articles. People with light sensitivity would find it apt to choose them as their protective eyewear. This is especially helpful in summers or in bright light. Furthermore, they are a great choice if you prefer to keep a low profile while working.


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