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Geek Safety Glasses


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3M Safety Glasses give you the confidence that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-leading quality and design. With a variety of styles and designs, there's a style available for almost any application or environment. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and are available in a variety of lens tints and advanced lens coatings. Designed with critical specifications for fit, form, and function, our titanium frames and lightweight designs deliver the ultimate in confidence, comfort, and style.

  • Includes Brow-Guard Side Shield
  • Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010


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Top Reasons to Choose 3M SX Safety Glasses

Finding yourself at crossroads to choose the best industrial eyewear? Look no further. 3M pioneered the idea of PPE (personal protective equipment) which includes Protective Eyewear for industrial workers. 3M has become a powerhouse over the years of providing endless value to its customers by ensuring their safety at workplace against various hazards that may lead to serious eye injuries. Experts unanimously agree that eye injuries can be reduced by 90% by wearing the right equipment for a given workplace hazard. This is further enshrined in the standards enacted by OHSA to ensure workplace safety. Eye protection is a serious issue and must be done only by wearing premium quality eyewear for safety purposes.

Conversely, buying sunglasses is a different thing as protection against high impact accidents is not accounted in while buying them. Whereas safety eyewear is much more value for money as it offers the best of both worlds. Modern manufacturing techniques have allowed vendors to design protective eyeglasses in such a manner that they don’t look clunky or old fashioned anymore. This article discusses some of the great features of 3M SX & why you should choose them as your armor for the sake of your eyes’ safety on your job.

Shatter Proof Durability

ANSI Z787.1 is the hallmark of any eyewear that promises shatterproof durability. Lenses subjected to ANSI testing undergo a process that ensures the lens would not fragment in the face of high impact accidents. The shatterproof durability is further supplemented by integrating polycarbonate material used in the lens. This thermoplastic compound is deceptively lean in composition & three hundred times sturdier than usual glass or plastic. Furthermore, due to polycarbonate’s lightweight composition, people requiring vision correction can pack up much more prescription index without worrying about the weight of their glasses.

Anti-Scratch & Anti- Fogging Capability

3M’s Anti-Scratch coating on the lens allows it to sustain much more abrasions & wearing without accumulating any scratches over time. It also increases the shelf life of the safety eyewear thereby reducing the replacement costs for users. Secondly, the anti-fog coated lenses provide an extended use without any occurrence of clouded lenses at work. This eliminates the hassle of constantly taking off your safety gear and wiping off the fog on lenses. 3M DX Anti-Fog hard coat keeps away the problem of beclouded lenses over prolonged hours of work.


3M is renowned for keeping the right balance between comfort & durability in industrial eyewear. The wraparound lenses of the frame provide a greater peripheral vision which is often sought by people wearing any kind of glasses. Its sporty design gives you a sharp appearance which is desired by many people at work. Plus, the adjustable temples provide the option to achieve the right fit according to the owner’s face. The seamless lens provides unobstructed vision & clarity of view. By & large, choosing 3M SX as your partner in protecting your eyes wouldn’t leave you regretful at all.

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