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Modified Oval Safety Glasses
3M Steel 200


  • Select Size
  • Lens width:
  • Bridge width:
  • Arm Length:
  • Lens Height:
  • Frame Width:
  • Frame Weight:
  • 53
  • 16
  • 135
  • 31.7
  • 136
  • 22
  • 55
  • 16
  • 140
  • 33.8
  • 138
  • 22.8

3M Safety Glasses give you the confidence that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-leading quality and design. With a variety of styles and designs, there's a style available for almost any application or environment. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and are available in a variety of lens tints and advanced lens coatings. Designed with critical specifications for fit, form, and function, our titanium frames and lightweight designs deliver the ultimate in confidence, comfort, and style.

  • Includes Brow-Guard Side Shield
  • Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010


  • Gender

  • Rim

    Full Rim
  • Age

  • Material

    Stainless Steel
  • Style

  • Shape

    Modified Oval
  • Temple

    Spring Hinge
  • Manufacturer


STEEL 200 Safety Eyewear Frame

These strikingly cool PrescriptionSafety Glasses are an amalgam of design and protection. The specially designed frame is so lightweight you won’t even remember you are wearing it. They come in cobalt and sand color. The Striking Eyewear has the knack to provide you a feeling of poise and superiority. 3M STEEL 200 is not the ordinary kind of safety frame.


3M Steel 200 For Meeting Safety Needs of Your Employees

Ensuring a comprehensive safety program for employees is incumbent upon the companies. According to BLS (Bureau of labor statistics), three out of five workers were not wearing any kind of safety gear for eyes when they got injured. Furthermore, the study substantiates that the remaining 40% of workers who sustained eye injuries were wearing some sort of eye protection. Both cases are equally alarming. The former signifies the ignorance displayed by both workers & their employers. The latter denotes the absence of a formal safety assessment program to discern workplace hazards. This is exactly why the administration of providing apt safety equipment is encapsulated by OHSA’s requirements. Any non-compliance with the standards would thereby result in penalties for employers. This article explains what things are needed to be taken care of to adequately meet the prescribed safety requirements for workplace & how 3M Steel 200 can help do that.

Safety Hazards Which Require Attention

Eye injuries at the workplace are large as a result of blunt trauma or lacerations caused by a multitude of hazards. They can even lead to permanent blindness, which is a devastating condition to be in. The very research by BLS also says that companies are forced to pay around hundreds of million dollars annually to provide for medical costs & lost productivity as a result of employee’s eye injuries. So instead of footing the bill time & again, companies should pay attention to how they can reduce medical costs by implementing effective safety programs. This includes buying quality safety eyewear which would prove to be a sound investment for years to come. Speaking of high-quality safety equipment, 3M Protective Eyewear is the perfect choice for most industrial jobs which protects workers from any conceivable eye injuries.

What to Look for in a PPE Eyewear?

It’s the most critical decision which embodies a number of factors. Important questions may be asked such as: What kind of hazards does your job entail? Are you a person with vision problems? Do you prefer wearing RX eyeglasses or contact lenses with an overlay of protective goggles? What level of sun exposure your eyes are exposed to in your daily routine? Do you prefer to wear safety eyewear outside your work as well? What kind of lenses would you want to wear? And so on. The aforementioned questions are just a few examples of that need to be answered thoroughly, whereby supervisors would be able to make better decisions pertaining to the safety of their employees.

Why choose 3M?

3M Steel 200 with a stainless steel frame offers a sleek, elegant outline which is meant to give a solemn look on your job. They are important eyewear for managers as they ought to maintain a certain level of aesthetics in their appearance. Your eyes are offered shattered proof protection along with an attractive visual appeal. Thereby, this makes by 3M gives you the best of both worlds. 

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