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Geek Safety Glasses
3M Metaliks


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3M Safety Glasses give you the confidence that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-leading quality and design. With a variety of styles and designs, there's a style available for almost any application or environment. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and are available in a variety of lens tints and advanced lens coatings. Designed with critical specifications for fit, form, and function, our titanium frames and lightweight designs deliver the ultimate in confidence, comfort, and style.

  • Includes Brow-Guard Side Shield
  • Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010


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Best Way to Prevent Fogging with 3M Metaliks Safety Glasses

Fogging can a great source of inconvenience which may further lead to affliction as a result of not wearing your safety gear for eyes at work. It’s a common nuisance that needs to be taken care of by choosing from a renowned PPE (personal protective equipment) brand. 3M has become a powerhouse in the realm of the PPE market due to its high-quality eyewear that provides a wide-ranging safety feature. Hence, the best way to prevent fogged lenses is to assess what exactly is needed in industrial eyewear that prevents the trouble of fogged lenses. Contemporary PPE manufacturing techniques have allowed protective eyeglasses to provide comprehensive protection against workplace hazards. This article discusses why 3M Metaliks is the perfect choice to prevent fogging & minimize the chance of inducing any grave damage to your eyes.

A Brief Intro on Fogged Lenses

Fogging occurs due to the process of condensation. Condensation occurs due to the variance in temperatures between surfaces of your lens & the ambient environment of your workplace – which could be both indoors or outdoors. Condensation occurs due to the inability of a cold surface to hold moisture, thus releasing turning vapors into a liquid which forms fogging.

Clouding on the lenses can also occur when there is no ample air flow allowed to come in contact with your eyewear. You may have found your lenses getting fogged while you were wearing glasses with a super close fitting against your face, without any perforation around the frames or ventilation. This happens due to the temperature of your breath coming in contact with the lens of your glasses.

Fogged lenses can impede productivity. Workers often cite fogging as the leading cause of not wearing safety equipment for eyes at work. This is a sign of non-compliance with OHSA’s standards concerning eye & face protection at work, which can lead to penalties to be paid by companies. So how do you solve this problem?

The simplest solution is buying the apt kind of safety eyewear which has some sort of anti-fogging protection integrated into it. For instance, 3M’s Scotch Gard anti-fogging lens coating helps you with preventing clouded lenses over the course of your work shifts. The additional clarity reduces any interference caused by fogging & ensures that you don’t stress over wiping your lenses clean time & again on your job.

Recommended 3M Anti-Fogging Glasses

3M Metaliks comes with Anti-Clouding lens coating along with an aesthetically shaped design to make you look good at workplace as well. The high-wrap lens shape allows for a wider peripheral view which is vital in any kind of activity at home, work or play. The metallic temples with soft tips ensure the frames won’t bend out of shape or disfigure at the same time provide the comfortable wear for an extended period. Polycarbonate lenses ensure compliance with ANSI Z787.1 which ensure shatterproof protection against high blunt trauma accidents and other hazards at workplace.

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