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Geek Safety Glasses
3M Lexa Readers


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3M Safety Glasses give you the confidence that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-leading quality and design. With a variety of styles and designs, there's a style available for almost any application or environment. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and are available in a variety of lens tints and advanced lens coatings. Designed with critical specifications for fit, form, and function, our titanium frames and lightweight designs deliver the ultimate in confidence, comfort, and style.

  • Includes Brow-Guard Side Shield
  • Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010


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3M Lexa Reader for Reading Purposes On Job

Finding it hard to read the ultra-fine text contained in your job manuals? Enter Bi-focal lenses. Many times, safety eyewear do not have inbuilt reading lenses on them, which can cause problems. One must always assess the hazards prevailing in a work environment along with the user’s own vision correction needs before making any purchase. If you do decide to buy bi-focal glasses for your eyes, always choose from a well-renowned brand. 3M deserves a notable mention here. 3M has become a powerhouse over the years in the world of PPE manufacturers by delivering excellent value for money to its users. Their industrial eyewear is renowned for its compliance with the regulatory standards of OHSA & ANSI pertaining to employees’ safety against varying safety hazards at industrial jobs. This article discusses why 3M Lexa Readerbi-focal protective eyeglasses are the perfect solution for your discomforting eyes.

Importance of bi-focal lenses

Who wants to carry around a spare piece of eyeglasses for their vision correction needs? You don’t want the nuisance of repeatedly switching RX eyewear with your safety ones during your job. This leaves your eyes at risk to threats as projectiles, bits of metal, dust, splashes of toxic liquid & fine sediments trying to strike your eye. The unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye. Just make sure that isn’t your last one. Furthermore, the durability of the usual RX glasses is in question. Most prescription glasses do not offer sufficient protection as opposed to Prescription Safety Glasses.

Bi-focal lenses help you achieve the right balance of refractive correction & durability against instances of blunt trauma. 3M Lexa Reader contains in-built magnifying lenses with +2 diopters. These are sufficient enough to help you read fine details such as text etched on machinery, reading from digital screens or any kind of literature written in fine text that pertains to your job. Bi-focal glasses also provide you the best of both worlds as you enjoy accurate vision along with the function of high-quality safety assurance by virtue of durable lenses. Polycarbonate lenses help achieve shatterproof durability which ensures that the lens would not fragment into bits after withstanding high impact accidents. The lens is ANSI Z787.1 compliant which testifies the aforementioned ability of the lens to withstand high impact stress.


The adjustable temples come in four different lengths to achieve the right fit which is comfortable enough to keep you working for long hours without any discomfort. The aspheric lens provides a wider peripheral view which is great for an unobstructed vision at work. The frame is very adjustable, offering three different angles to suit your own customized needs. The DX anti-fog coating on lenses is extremely useful for preventing beclouded lens in extremely cold or hot temperatures. Thereby allowing uninterrupted work session & increasing your productivity. By & large, 3M stands as the perfect choice for people who require vision correction along with the prescribed level of safety assurance at the workplace.

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