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  • Los Angeles

Aviator Safety Glasses
3M DT-1


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3M Safety Glasses give you the confidence that comes from wearing advanced, protective optics and industry-leading quality and design. With a variety of styles and designs, there's a style available for almost any application or environment. All 3M Safety Glasses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 certified and are available in a variety of lens tints and advanced lens coatings. Designed with critical specifications for fit, form, and function, our titanium frames and lightweight designs deliver the ultimate in confidence, comfort, and style.

  • Includes Brow-Guard Side Shield
  • Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010


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    Full Rim
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Wearing 3M DT-1 RX Safety Glasses Every Day On Job

Safety eyewear is an indispensable part if you are working in a manufacturing or an industrial sector. Safety eyeglasses is a complex solution which varies according to workplace hazards. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40% of the injured people at work were wearing some sort of protective eyeglasses. This raises a question about the safety assessments carried out by employers. Choosing PPE for your eyes by a renowned brand such as 3M can provide you with much more than you pay. All 3M eyewear is OSHA & ANSI compliant which means they offer the widest ranging safety features that industrial eyewear can possess. This article discusses some of the key features of 3M DT-1 which provide the required level of safety assurance along with other supplementary features for industrial workers.

Refractive Correction

People with vision problems often carry their own RX glasses with them. At times, people who prefer a ‘glasses-free’ look wear contact lenses which are highly discouraged for industrial jobs. Wearing regular RX eyewear is not an option here. Hence, protective eyeglasses with RX lenses are the perfect option as they provide both protection & vision correction at the same time. They are a much better investment as compared to regular RX glasses with overlay protection such as goggles.

Retro Look

The aviator shaped design of the glasses allows for a nostalgic look which is often liked by middle-aged industrial workers. That doesn’t mean the very glasses are for old people! You can rock them with your regular outfit at work and would still look sharper than ever. The wide surface area of the lens due to the frame allows for a greater range of view, which is crucial for any physical intensive work.


All of 3M’s industrial eyewear is ANSI Z787.1 certified. This denotes the ability of a lens to keep your eyes intact by offering shatterproof durability against high volume & high-speed impacts. This is a hallmark feature of any high-quality safety glasses which guards your eyes against any projectiles which may otherwise induce high blunt trauma or lacerations. One should never purchase safety gear for eyes that do not have ANSI Z787.1 marking etched on its lenses.


The spring hinges on the temples allow for a greater range of motion. They also help in keeping the glasses in shape for a longer period thereby increasing the shelf life of the glasses and reducing their replacement cost as well. The titanium material used in the frame prevents it from getting disfigured or bending out of shape with usage. Anti-scratch coating on the lenses increases the ability of glasses to withstand abrasions for a longer period without accumulating any scratches on its surface. By & large, 3M DT-1 is that retro designed, classic piece of safety eyewear which you can sport in your everyday routine besides wearing it for eye safety in your industrial job.

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